New to Idaho, True to Idaho

Are you a refugee from California, or some other liberal playground? Did you move to Idaho to escape the craziness?

Welcome to Idaho. We’re glad to have you here.

You are one of the new Idahoans. The people who came to the Gem State seeking a home that reflects their values: small government and a freer life.

Let's be real

There's anti-California sentiment in Idaho.

But those complaints aren’t directed at you.

It’s an attitude born from fear: fear that Idaho is changing too fast, that higher taxes, government bloat, and corrupt special interests will creep out of California and twist our state.

But maybe you (and thousands of new Idahoans) moved here to live in a place where government doesn’t constantly have its fingers in your wallet. Maybe you seek a home that respects your right to make choices for your family and your life.

You are a champion for independence, hard work, and freedom. You embrace Idaho values.

You are new to Idaho, true to Idaho.


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